October 26, 2010

Rainbow’s end

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Fron the trailhead

Fron the trailhead

I really wanted to go to Rainbow Ridge.

The first bit of cloud

The first bit of cloud

It was looking to be our last high country hike of the season. A wet, wintry weather system was approaching and over the weekend the snow level was predicted to drop down to the 3-4000′ level, which is low enough to block access to many trailheads.

Photogenic clouds

Photogenic clouds

It is a very long drive and the trail is very poor for the first three quarters of a mile, but I just love this trail. So I was watching the weather forecast closely all week and hoping that Wednesday’s nice weather would stretch out enough to make the trip worthwhile. I had been arguing with myself all week and finally agreed with myself to go for it and hope that the other hikers would agree with us.

Lunch spot

Lunch spot

And it was truly a beautiful morning. The trail was in the best shape I’d ever seen (i.e., pretty awful) but all fourteen of us made it up and down without serious mishap. When we got up on the ridge we could see the clouds coming from the south, bringing the first of the winter weather. They gradually overcame us as the day progressed, and we could watch the summer hiking season closing down before our eyes. By the time we got ready to slog back down to the trailhead, we had a sky full of clouds with only some sunbeams to remind us of a hiking season that had been unusual and frequently challenging but generally pretty fine overall.

Fare well, summer

Fare well, summer


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  1. I LOVED this hike, and it was wonderful, a super way to finish the season. Where to on Thursday??

    Comment by DJan — October 26, 2010 @ 6:09 pm

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