November 7, 2010

John Day

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The first day of our trip to Pahrump, Nevada brings is to the town of John Day OR. This is serious cow country – I don’t think you’d want to order tofu at the local eateries.

The trip down was fine, despite being extended by my forgetting this iPod, causing us to backtrack from Alger. But it is good that we did since my old laptop (vintage 2004) seems to be dying, and this little gadget may be my only conduit to the outside world. It really is desolate over here – “splendid desolation,” someone called it.

The rain stopped as we cleared Snoqualmie Pass. There was occasional sun but the clouds were spectacular all day, all the way thru sunset, which we would have seen from the comfort of the John Day DQ had we not wasted an hour backtracking.

We may have a bit more adventure than we planned since there is the chance of snow in northern NV Sunday night and Monday morning. We may have plenty of time to see the sight(s?) of Battle Mountain. 😉


I decided not to clutter my hiking / geology blog, so I’ve started a new one at I’ll put this post on that blog, too.

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