March 5, 2011

This little piggy went to the emergency room

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Thursday the Trailblazers were hamstrung by the snowy conditions in the hills once again. We decided to hike in town, going to Whatcom Falls and Northridge Parks. We ended up going more than 12 miles on hard surfaces and my legs and feet were really tired by the time we got back.

I’d had an itchy little toe all week and had been treating it with an antifungal cream. I didn’t pay it much attention that night but on Friday it was getting reddish and I found a blister. I called my doctor but we decided to watch it over the weekend.

By Friday night it was looking quite red and a little swollen and by this morning (is there a law that these things can only happen on weekends?) there was some redness radiating up my foot and waiting no longer seemed to be the best choice.

I drove to a building near St. Joseph’s Hospital where I had seen a sign about a walk-in clinic but it was not there any more, so I pulled into the emergency room. I was met by very efficient and pleasant personnel who triaged me, etc., and led me to an exam room.

That was about 9:00AM. It is now 1:02 and I have not seen a doctor yet. A nurse came a couple of hours ago, took a glance at the toe and had me gown up, saying something about IV antibiotics.

Luckily I brought some crossword puzzles and my iPod.

That brought the doctor! And he remembers running into us on pine and cedar a few weeks ago! Small town.

He says it is a bacterial infection, but no IV. And I can’t hike next week.

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