June 22, 2013

Live on the Keep Cool trail

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9:11 keep cool trailhead
GPS acting weird again; so is the car’s power door lock
9:23 tree on trail
1004 GPS normal. Drier than usual. 0.6mi
1016 time to strip 3700′ skeeters
1027 wild bdry 3900′. End of first steep section. Still steep!
1037 snow on level 4000′
1050 uphill again. Little snow
1102 steep snow spot. Pic
1108 stream pic
1121 heavy snow by stream. Oops. Post-holed to waist
1124 back on trail which is a stream?
1137 4600′ well past the steep stream, traversing toward meadow on deep old snow pic
1201 edge of meadow 4750′. Pic
1210 stopped for lunch. Can’t find a good view tho Shuksan is clear. Damn trees! Pic
1220 no lollygagging today. Outta here. Nervous about car. Pulled fuse but…
1228 heavens to Betsy! I have 4g service. Will try posting thi mess.

I wrote this stuff while hiking the Keep Cool trail, mostly to test out the WordPress App for my new iPhone. When I got to the lunch place I was receiving a good signal from the Mount Baker Ski Area so I decided to try publishing it. Complete wipeout: couldn’t tell what happened, whether saved or not, nothing. Now I cannot do anything with the iOS app – get a message “Couldn’t sync; Sorry, you cannot edit posts on this site” – iPhone is now a brick as far a WordPress goes.

But it did apparently get saved to WordPress since it was in my account (the one I “cannot edit”) when I got home, where it says “Draft saved at 5:06:50 pm. Last edited on June 22, 2013 at 12:30 pm” which is about right. Strange app.

Where I put the word “pic” I intended to include pictures I was taking on the phone, which would be cool. But isn’t.

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  1. Well, I got four or five messages on my iPhone yesterday, which I didn’t see until I got to the end of my day. I sent an answer to you but it turned green, meaning that it was sent as a text message and I’ll be charged for it. I don’t know why it did that. Too bad about the pictures not working right, but really, Al, you are so far ahead of where I am it really makes me want to find out about that H2O business you’re using.

    Comment by DJan — June 23, 2013 @ 7:00 am

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